Vision Magazine - October/November 2023

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One Year of Vision

A s I write this foreword for Vision Magazine’s seventh issue, I find myself reflecting on the journey we began just a short year ago with the launch at the International Fresh Produce Association’s event in Orlando. When we launched the magazine, we aimed to be the premier publication for North American produce importers and super - market executives. Twelve months later, I’m proud to say that we’ve delved deep into topics that matter, providing in-depth features on a myriad of subjects, fascinating stories from the produce industry and other sectors, and the visions of industry leaders. We are proud of how well Vision Magazine has been received in its first year, and delighted with the support we have had from numerous industry leaders across the U.S. and Canada. One of our core missions was to create a magazine that both informs and delights, helping readers to take a step back from the day-to-day bustle and reflect on what is to come. I believe it’s crucial to pause and reflect on what it means to start a new endeavor. After a year, it’s impos - sible not to take a mental journey back to the days many years ago when we launched our online news portals FreshFruitPortal, PortalFruticola and ChinaFruitPortal. Embarking on a new project invigorates us. It allows us to connect with fresh audiences, and above all, it gifts us the opportunity to learn. Innovation is fundamentally about learning. In our case, it has forced us to learn what

our readers want and to understand them in order to provide the best reading experience. For that, we extend our deepest gratitude to all our readers and to those who have supported us. So, what better editorial theme to have for this anniversary edition than innovation? The fresh produce and supermarket indus - tries are facing big changes, and innovation is imperative for survival and growth. As global tastes evolve and markets become more

by GUSTAVO YENTZEN Publisher of Vision Magazine

competitive, businesses need to rethink their strategies, introducing novel approaches to meet consumers where they are. It’s no longer sufficient to simply provide fresh produce; the challenge is how to do it efficiently, sustainably, and in a way that entices the new generation of shoppers. Increasing fruit and vegetable consumption, a goal that has both health and environmental benefits, re - quires a variety of innovative tactics. From employing cutting-edge agricultural technologies and sustainable farming practices to creative marketing strategies and the reinvention of in-store experiences, innovation is the key that unlocks growth potential. For industry leaders, it’s a call to be proactive, to antic - ipate trends, and to foster a culture that embraces change. Because in this dynamic landscape, the future belongs to those who innovate, adapt, and above all, prioritize the needs and desires of their customers. As Vision Magazine continues its journey, we pledge to spotlight and champion these trailblazers, ensuring our readers are always at the forefront of progress.

“The fresh produce and supermarket industries are facing big changes, and innovation is imperative for survival and growth.”

Vision Magazine 11

October/November 2023

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