Vision Magazine - October/November 2023




18 Innovation Drives Modern Produce Retailing Embracing change while honoring tradition, today’s award-winning retailers blend taste, technology and sustainability to redefine the shopping experience. BY TAD THOMPSON 38 Selecting the Right Robotics The massive increase in immigrant labor requires deep pockets and an intensive search to secure workers — accelerating the need for new solutions. BY STEVE MAXWELL 46 ‘We Must Reshape Perceptions of Produce’ An interview with John Anderson, chair, CEO and managing partner at Oppy, who has helped transform Oppy from a modest $7 million company to a $1.4 billion global powerhouse. BY EDWARD VERNON 58 Elyse Lipman: Why “Family” is in our Name With an emphasis on strategy, innovation and technology this CEO is all in on ‘Good from the Ground Up.’ BY ELLEN URIBE 62 Retail’s Resilience Why supermarket-anchored real estate has investors betting big against commer - cial headwinds. BY BOBBY SAMUELS 68 The Birth of the California Raisin Industry Adversity a century and a half ago spurred a grower to innovate, reshaping the global landscape for this fruit. BY JANE RHODES




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October/November 2023

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