Víctor Moller In Memoriam

Your vision brought Fresh Berries to the World December 13, 1942 - October 19, 2022 The domestic seasonal berry category was forever changed the day you brought a few flats of berries on your lap on a flight from Chile to the US. Today, the multi-billion-dollar berry industry thrives because of your vision to bring,“All Berries, To All The World, All Year-round”. Your passion, enthusiasm and visionary spirit was unprecedented and the world was captivated by you. From being the first international member of the PMA board, to Global Produce Marketer of the Year and the ultimate honor of being awarded International Entrepreneur of the Year, you proved that in every challenge you took on, that you did so with the trailblazing spirit that will live on in your businesses and your family forever. The foundation of multi generational farming is in the Moller’s Family DNA and will ensure carrying the torch from one generation to the next. You changed the lives of everyone who knew you and thousands more that were never so lucky to cross

We will miss your partnership, passion and laughter. Your Naturipe Family

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