What are some exciting things you are doing in terms of technology, and what plans do you have for the next several years? There’s a lot of excitement around things we’re doing in intelligent agriculture, genetics, shelf-life extension, arti- ficial intelligence and predictive analytics. Given our scale, reach, and growth trajectory, we like to think of ourselves as an ideal commercialization partner to leaders in tech and genetics. On the genetics side, we’re commercializing some of these varieties at a speed that we have not seen before in the industry. Sekoya is one example of that. I think that as we evaluate opportunities

globally across tech, IT and genetics, it does lead us to become excited about berries beyond blueberries and what we could do with those products. With all that being said, tech is not as meaningful until it can be deployed at scale. And I believe this is one of our advantages. We’ve become a very large company, but we still operate in a lot of ways like a startup. And what are your plans with raspberries and blackberries? The opportunities we’re seeing across these products are super interesting. And at the same time, we’re staying

Vision Magazine 41

December 2022

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