What role do you see technology playing in achieving consistency? A portfolio of the right varietals is key. Then the application of technology as an overlay is key. We already are seeing tools being used, and we’ll see them evolve and iterate faster and faster. And that will lead to some interesting op- portunities in the future, not in the next couple of years, but in the next five to 10 years. We’re really focused on a five-to- 10-year horizon delivering this offering on a global scale. It sounds like a new chapter is opening up with new blueberry genetics. We think we’re in the first inning of the ballgame where people are discovering this is a new blueberry. This is

really special. While the color of the blueberry is the same, the eating experience is completely different. It’s almost like when the gold kiwi came out. I didn’t want to eat any more green kiwis, and it’s the same with our new blueber- ry genetics. That’s why we say “there are blueberries, and then there are blueberries.” Blueberries seem to be in a transitory state between the older, more established varieties and the newer ones with a different eating experience. It’s a really great point. We saw what was effectively a mature industry with commoditized, sub-standard va - rietals and a lot of mediocre eating experiences that the

44 Vision Magazine

December 2022

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