Sharon, he started producing brown mushrooms. Then, a 1972 mushroom-related botulism outbreak disrupt- ed Angelucci’s business. His grower-friend Richard Pia recommended that Angelucci align with the Phillips family. And thus, on Dec. 13, 1973, Angelucci became the assistant grower with Phillips Mushroom. “I’ve learned so much from those guys,” he says. What’s in a name? The conflicting names such as Portabello and Cappeti reflect the mushroom industry’s segmented, diverse and broad

global tale. Names, varieties and historic accounts in the industry — and certainly on the Internet — vary greatly. Angelucci describes a portabella as a mature cremini mushroom. One Internet source notes that, in Italian, portabella means “big beauty.” Another source inter- prets portabello as “beautiful door,” which would be an accurate reference to the delicate open gills, which have released spores. In the book “The Mushroom That Grew,” Janet Fletch- er wrote in 1996: “For food editors and menu writers, the portobello also spells problems. Supposedly dreamed up

Vision Magazine 51

December 2022

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