He was always willing to give up the short term to gain in the long-term. He was a master at seeing into the future, understanding that sometimes you had to hold out for two or three years of low returns to earn a 10-year return. He certainly captured my imagination and the imagina- tion of others along the years.” A common vision After stumbling a couple of times, Moller learned the importance of working with the right people who shared his values and vision. He created a berry business that was built on strong relationships and supported by strategic alliances in production, genetics, varietal development, distribution and marketing. How to manage these alliances and often cross-cul- tural relationships in a positive way was a challenge. In one of many conversations, Gustavo Yentzen, publisher of Vision Magazine, recalls asking Moller how he managed to avoid differences with his partners. “His answer stuck in my mind,” he says. “He told me: ‘When two partners see the same point on the horizon, they will always get there together. They may have disagreements in the day-to-day, there can be differences. But if they have the same goal, they will move forward as one.’” Many agreements were reached over the years, helping Hortifrut to become what it is today, a company that supplies large volumes of berries to consumers worldwide and year-round. To be able to sell all four major types of berries in the U.S., Hortifrut joined forces with Naturipe Berry Growers and Michigan Blueberries Growers. The consortium was initially called Global Berry Farms, and has been known as Naturipe Farms since 2000. Over time the organization created a network of producers in coun- tries such as Brazil, China, Spain, Guatemala, Mexico, Peru and Uruguay. In 2012 Hortifrut listed on the Santiago Stock Exchange. “To create alliances, the company’s slogan was very useful. That attracted and created enthusiasm... That was my invitation: to conquer the world together,” Moller said in Fernández’s book. A born leader and a tireless entrepreneur, Moller set the bar high. Always looking for new challenges, he was con- vinced that the best was yet to come. As berry consump- tion soars to new heights around the world, it is worth remembering a phrase he coined: “All holding hands, no one in front, no one behind, all together with a common flag, behind the same dream.” A dream in which berries are the protagonists.

During his career, Victor Moller received numerous national and international recognitions and awards.

Illustration by Italo Ahumada Morasky

66 Vision Magazine

December 2022

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