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also serves as a board member for the Mexican Avocado Association (APEAM), says the company did not face any significant setbacks, even though demand for class 2 avocados fell as widespread restrictions on the foodservice sector were implemented. The company works year-round with 700 associated growers in Michoacán, as well as the neighboring state of Jalisco — which in large part is destined for export to Ja - pan — and more recently in the State of Mexico to the east for export to other countries, such as Canada. “We have found some really good growers in Mexico State in the areas close to Michoacán,” notes Vega. “It’s very good quality fruit, and the growers have been improv- ing their quality and increasing their production levels.” For Fernando Flores, the commercial manager at Santa Clara del Cobre, Michoacán-based Coliman Avocados, 2021-22 represented a “year of lessons” for the sector. Celebrating 60 years in business in 2023, about 80% of Coliman’s avocado production is sourced from Mi-

choacán with fruit packed at its Santa Clara del Cobre facility. Like Fruticola Velo, Coliman’s avocado exports are now complemented by volumes from Jalisco, which Flores says will enable the company to provide uninter- rupted, year-round supply. Arianna Sánchez, the commercial director of Micho - acán-based grower-exporter Arsaz & Fruit, says the po- tential from other avocado-producing regions in Mexico offers real cause for optimism. “In Mexico, we have possi- bilities to make the most of other regions for production, not just Michoacán,” she says. “Jalisco is looking very interesting, and from what we have seen it has the same level of quality as Michoacán. With the opening of Jalisco to the U.S. market, we are also going to see other states entering into avocado production, which will reinforce production volumes for the country as a whole.” Sanchez predicts the central regions of Puebla and Mo- relos — to the south of Mexico City — will likely emerge

Vision Magazine 71

December 2022

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